Church of Baghdad Update
October 2008


In spite of the civil strife between the Suni and Shiites, the church services did not stop.  The Lord continues to bless the New Testament Baptist Church of Baghdad with many people getting saved.

God’s Protection Amidst Many Dangers:

  • Two roadside bombs exploded near the church in Baghdad. 
  • Also, trucks filled with a humongous amount of explosives were parked 4 houses from the church and detected by the US forces.  The Marines discovered them and thus we were able to save the whole area from being destroyed.
  • A car bomb exploded damaging the house of one of the church members
  • Another bomb exploded.  The shrapnels killed the woman standing between the bomb and one of our church members, miraculously saving that member.
  • Other church members and friends of the church had close calls and in every incident the Lord miraculously saved them


Today the church meets regularly:

  • Monday- Prayer meetin
  • Tuesday/Thursday- Visitation and outreach
  • Wednesday- Bible stud
  • Friday- Worship service and Youth meeting
  • Sunday- Worship service and Sunday school.


God’s Blessing:

  • In September, 2008 eight people were baptized and joined the church. 
  • In spite of the fact that many church members left Iraq, God continues to save new people who attend the church



  • The church is a poor, but giving church.  Every time the church meets an offering is collected for the ministry. The offerings and tithes are used to offset some of the expenses of the church



  • In 2008 fifteen people were baptized and joined the church


How Can You Help?

  1. Iraq needs regular support to help the pastor on a monthly basis.
  2. There are 3 people working full time in the radio ministry and they need monthly help


Please send all contributions to: WWNTBM
                                                    PO Box 725
                                                    Kings Mt., North Carolina 28086


Please pray for the protection of the pastor and the church and that peace comes to Iraq.




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