"For Such a Time as This"
A Church Building in Baghdad!

Iraq is getting better as the country moves toward stability.

Recent reports indicate that the USA is expected to reduce its troops in Iraq by the end of 2005. As the situation is improving thousands of international companies are poised to move into Baghdad . Prices are increasing. We need to act now!

The New Testament Baptist Church of Baghdad was the first Baptist church to be formally dedicated in Iraq . History was written as we dedicated the church.

We are currently renting a place for services, but the church needs a permanent home.

$600,000 will enable us to buy a piece of property in a good location in Baghdad and build a church. The opportunity to act is now because prices are going up and within a few years they will quadruple, as Baghdad is becoming one of the most expensive cities in the Middle East.

Our objective is to give honor and praise to the Lord by building a sanctuary where people can come to hear the Gospel, worship the Lord and study the Word of God and where children can be trained as Timothy was trained and be rooted in the Christian faith.

Should the Lord enable us to raise the funds and build the church, the New Testament Baptist Church will enter history as the first Baptist church building ever to be built in Iraq!

We need 600 individuals and churches to give $1000 each in order to meet our goal.

The names of all contributors will appear on the official record of the church.

Our objective is to see our Lord and Savior glorified, His name be lifted up, and His Gospel preached in clarity and power in the city of Baghdad.

Send your contribution to:

World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions
P.O. Box 725
Kings Mountain , North Carolina 28086
Designated to: Iraq Building Fund

All funds sent toward Iraq will be deposited in the Building fund with WWNTBM and will be tax deductible.




$165,000 contributed



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