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God Answers Prayer


On Tuesday our  Baghdad church bus broke down and needed a spare part.  Pastor Maher and a deacon from the church went to a garage to fix it.  The mechanic told Maher that he doesn’t have the part and directed him to another garage.

Pastor Maher drove the bus out of the garage into the street.  At that moment  a bomb went off killing the owner of the garage.  The car that was following our bus was demolished and the driver was killed.  All the windows of our church bus were completely shattered from the pressure of the explosion.  Dust and debris was everywhere and covered Pastor Maher and the deacon.

Yet he and the deacon were not touched!  They were completely spared and not harmed.

Replacing those windows will cost about $500.  Pastor Maher called me immediately and was shaken by the incident.  He asked me to thank those who are regularly praying for him and for the safety of our church. He praises the Lord for God’s protection upon His people. Psalms 92


Radio Station Update

Radio Station  Radio Station

  Radio Station  Radio Station 

Dear Prayer Partners:

This year we are praying that our radio stations will cover a large part of Iraq, Southern Iran, and Kuwait.  The Lord provided the needed funds for one year to rent the place in Ninevah and this month the Lord enabled us to build the tower in the city of Basra, southern Iraq.  After overcoming some technical hurdles we will be able to start the broadcast.

Our greatest needs right now;

1.  $600 per month to purchase fuel t
o run the air conditioning and the electric generator.

2. $7,000 toward the purchase of a vehicle for our pastor to travel between Baghdad, Mosul (Ninevah) and Basra.  These three cities are separated by approximately 1500 miles.  The cost of the van is $23,000.  The Lord has provided $15,000 already.

Radion Station in Basara

March 20, 2010 is an historical landmark because at 8AM Iraq time, our radio station in Basra commenced its broadcast.  This is the first time in Iraq history whereby a radio station exalted the name of Jesus from that city.  It generated a lot of excitement from tens of thousands living there.  This broadcast reaches people in Kuwait, Southern Iran and Southern Iraq with a vast majority of Shiite and Sunis.

A Shiite Muslim blind man living in Sader City (the stronghold of El Maadi whose militias fought our troops in the past) contacted our station in Baghdad.  He asked us to pray for him. They did that in the name of Jesus.  A large number of Shiite in that city listen regularly to our radio station.

The results of the Iraqi elections were pleasing to the Iraqi people.  The new Prime Minister seems to be able to bring together both Shiite and Sunis and move one step forward toward peace and stability.

Please continue to pray for the ministry in Iraq.


Baghdad Church Meetings and School for Pastors

Church Meetings / School For PAstors     Church Meetings / School for Pastors

Church Meetings / School for Pastors     Church Meetings / School for Pastors

Radio Station Antenna
This antenna allows us to reach an audience
within a 50 mile radius of Baghdad, Iraq

Radio Station Antenna

Radio Station Update
Building the new tower for FM102.9. This will enable our radio station
to reach the whole city of Baghdad with the Gospel



Baghdad Christmas 2008
Christmas celebration at the New Testament Baptist Church of Baghdad








Radio Station Update
Employees and associates of FM102.9 Baghdad, New Testament Radio Broadcast celebrating 3 years of uninterrupted broadcasting of the Gospel





Delivery of Radio Station Equipment at Mount Pisgah Baptist Church
in Oliver Springs, TN for shipment to Baghdad

Radio     Radio


Don and Marty from Canada helped raising the funds to buy
the 2 Kilowatt transmitter and its accessories


Children receiving Christmas presents (click to enlarge):












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