Independent Baptist School For Pastors
Held in Irbil, Northern Iraq (July 5-11, 2009)


Sponsored by: MAP Ministries

Hosted by: New Testament Baptist Church and New Testament Radio Broadcast
Baghdad, Iraq

and by: The Biblical Institute for Theological Preparation
Amman, Jordan

Independent Baptist Keynote Speakers will be presenting the subjects.

The following subjects that will be covered:

1. The Doctrine of Prayer
Rev. Garvan Walls
Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church
Oliver Springs, TN

2. The Doctrine of the Deity of Christ
Dr. Rick Flanders
35 Years Pastor of: Juniata Baptist Church
Evangelist and member of:
First Baptist Church of Bridgeport
Bridgeport, MI
Dr. R.B. Ouellette, Pastor

3. The Doctrine of the Gifts of the Spirit
Dr. Paul Spargo
Former Professor: Trinity Baptist College
Pastor: Calvary Baptist Church
Montgomery, AL

4. The Doctrine of Inspiration
Dr. Edgar M. Feghaly
President, MAP Ministries

5. The Doctrine of the Church
Rev. Sam Stricklin
35 Years Pastor of: First Baptist Church of Rhode Island
Field Director: MAP Ministries

6. The Arabic Van Dyke Bible
Rev. Ghassan Haddad
(translated from Textus Receptus)
Pastor, New Testament Church
Amman, Jordan
Director, B.I.T.P.
MAP Ministries

Also Attending:
Rev. Bill Daab
Administrator, Biblical Institute for Theological Preparation
MAP Ministries, Jordan

Rev. Milad Khaled
Pastor, Bible Baptist Fellowship Church
Beirut, Lebanon
MAP Ministries Representative

Rev. Maher Daoud
Pastor, New Testament Baptist Church
Baghdad, Iraq

A team of medical doctors led by Rick Jackson of South Carolina will be
treating 200-300 patients daily during the conference.






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